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Birth and Life after Birth Doula


I'm Aurey.

Welcome to this space + Congratulations on taking the first step in taking control on this beautiful journey ahead.

Secondly, thank you for considering me as your Doula. To be allowed and trusted into a Mothers birthing space and her transition into Motherhood, is a true honour and privilege and one I would never take lightly.  
A Doula, a Space Holder, a Care Giver, a Nurturer, a Goddess is someone who Mothers the Mothers. A Doula cares for the emotional, spiritual and mental needs of the Mother. 
I feel I can be extremely helpful and supportive in protecting and holding this space for you. My birth desires may not be yours so as a Doula, it is my role to help guide, support and advocate for you in order for your birth desires to be heard and achieved.
If you have any questions about what packages I offer or what I can bring to your sacred birthing space, please feel free to ask any questions. I am all yours!

Sol Birth Rising Doula Son Sol


THIS IS ME........

Hello Sol Mamas, I'm Aurey - A Mother, A Daughter, A Friend, A Wife, A World Traveller, An Explorer, A Digital Creator, An Ocean Lover, A Salty Sol Mama!!! This is me! 


I also love surfing, growing veggies and plants, my lion Labradoodle and of course my family. I am also a Proud Wiradjuri Woman Working On Bunurong Land - This Is Me! 

I gave birth to my first little sun in 2019 calling him Sol as he truly is the warmth and sunshine in our life. In 2021 his little brother came along, calling himself Stormy. Despite his name, he is the calm during the Storm. When the world feels chaotic, he is the calm I need around me to settle.


We spend most of our days exploring new beaches, new tracks and living our best life by the ocean. The boys keep me on my feet and remind me to get up, get out and explore nature when I'm really, not feeling my best.


All the stories and experiences I tell, helped create the Mother and Doula I am today. 

I also love the big, blue, fiercely wild ocean. If I'm away from the ocean for too long, I start to feel disconnected and perhaps lost, therefore I call the beautiful Mornington Peninsula/Bunurong Country home.   

Sol Birth Rising Doula Travel
Sol Birth Rising Doula Wedding


Why this Sol Mama?

Why I chose to become a Doula and why we should work together? 💫


So some quick little fun facts for you.....

Working with a Doula has proven to have so many physical benefits such as the decrease in;  

- Epidural use by 60%

- Pitocin use by 40% 

- Caesarean birth by 50%

- Narcotics use by 30%

So that being said, UNFORTUNATELY from the moment you pee on a stick, you have fight and prove why YOU should have your birth wishes heard.  


If you choose to birth at a hospital, I know sometimes the system can be a hard and a scary place to navigate. It can be uncomfortable, hard to understand what feels right or wrong to your own beliefs and where to go when not many options are being handed to you, if any at all. 

If you choose to give birth at home, I will support you in the coziness of your sacred place. 


In the end, what feels right will all depend on what feels RIGHT FOR YOU. Having a Doula by your side is like having your biggest fan, your biggest ADVOCATE by your side. I can help navigate this space, have your back and make sure you are heard, loved and seen during this transition. Emotionally, a Doula is a priceless investment. 

But why did I become a Doula?


I chose to become a Doula because when I walked out of that birthing suite after my first son decided to enter this world into a big bath of warm water, I felt incredibly powerful and proud of myself. I thought to myself "That was nothing like I had been told, that was INCREDIBLE". 


I don't know why society thinks it is appropriate or "ok" tell a pregnant mother traumatising birth stories in a space that it is not wanted. 


I feel every woman should feel how I felt. Like I was a badass, powerful, reborn MOTHER. Why didn’t all women feel this way?? I was sadden to think they didn’t.

Without knowledge, we lack power and without power, we put our birth into someone else's hands.


If you surround yourself with a "birthing team" who is totally on your side, alining with you, has your back, will listen to your concerns and fears, then really, the world is your oyster....YOUR birth is YOURS!!!


So step 1 - Pick your birth team wisely!! (Hello, I am here ready to hold the space, hold your hair and support you physically, emotionally, spiritually. However you need me, I will be that). 

None the less, I have always LOVED loved helping pregnant women. I get so excited to MOTHER A NEW MOTHER. Wether that be cooking meals, holding babe whilst Mama sleeps, herbal foot soaks, head massages, a shoulder to cry on.....


You name it, I've probably done it. 


As of late, I've found myself sitting on my phone way past midnight replying to desperate Mothers in need of help getting an exemption to have another support person during their labour. Something I am very passionate about and something I was able to accomplish myself during a long and dark lockdown in 2021.  


I know that I have a fire in my belly when it comes to holding space, protecting space and standing up for women’s rights when it comes to the birthing environment. The most important tool to have when giving birth.


Safety, Security, Warmth, Love and Calmness within your surroundings. I will have your back Mama, no one will get in your way


For me, once the birthing bubble had burst, new life as a Mother shook me to the core, kicked me when I was down and running on empty. I was left questioning “why is this so hard?” No one told me it would be so hard and isolating. It was so hard because we were NEVER meant to do this alone. Women for thousands of years have been surrounded by community, by family, by other mothers and sadly these days, it’s kickback into gear after 6 weeks and god forbid you mention the struggle. Tuck that beautiful postpartum tummy away and act as if your life isn't COMPLETELY different. 


This is also why I am passionate about caring for newborn Mother’s. We were never meant to do this alone and you will never feel alone with community….and a Doula 🤎


So that leads me to this, this is exactly why I chose to become a Doula. I want to support, hold and nurture Mothers whilst reminding them of their own inner power. This is no right way to do this, or no wrong way, just YOUR way and I am here to make sure those needs and wants are heard. 


I will be your biggest advocate, a non judgemental ear, a space protector and a friend. It is an honour to be welcomed into a Mothers birthing space and this journey is ALL ABOUT YOU! 

Sol Birth



Complete Package


Warming you up Mama just like the beautiful bright Sol herself. Preparing you for the big day.

This is my biggest package and it shines just as bright as you Mama. I am there for you during pregnancy, birth and throughout your transition into Motherhood.

 This package includes; 

 4 visits prior to your birth

 - Catch up One: A "No expectation coffee date" to see if we vibe, flow, connect, align with one another as this is VERY important. Or if you're not really a coffee fan, a warm chai is on me Mama!! I will explain why I became a Doula, what my role looks like and how I can help assist whilst "holding the space" for you during labour. 


- Visit #1:

With a basket filled with goodies, we will discover, plan and unravel your birth philosophy. I'm sure we have already chatted about this but I want to DIVE IN DEEPER. We will chat about your vision around birth and how you imagine and dream of this journey unfolding. It is important that You, your Partner and I are on the same wave length. We all have to be comfortable with one another. I want to understand and get to know what makes you happy, what brings you joy, your love language and how you like to be comforted during a hard, sad or uncomfortable situation.

 We will chat about things such as your chosen care providers or WHERE you choose to give birth. This is a good time to start to learn "How To Become An Advocate For Yourself" as many appointments and check ups are generally start around this time. We will go over topics such as  The Australian Birthing System, how it is generally seen and how you can take control of situations that arise.

If this is not your first time being pregnant, we will chat about past experiences.  I will share some helpful recommendations on podcasts, books and classes within our area. The sooner we prepare for your dream birth, the sooner we take control of this journey. 

- Visit #2: 

If the weather allows us, we will take a walk out in nature, soaking up mother earth herself as we dive deep into envisioning your birth and unpacking any fears. We will go over some pain management techniques as we chat about turning pain into power. I want to hear you scream it from the hill tops or the ocean cliff side "MY BODY IS NOT A LEMON, I AM POWERFUL" as we let go of any fears. We will find a suitable affirmation personalised to you but you get my gist.  Of course, I wont be arriving empty handed. Each visit I will always bring a basket filled with goodies. 

- Visit #3

This catch up is just an all rounder. Hang out as friends as we chat over some tea and discuss any other things that may be on your mind. We will go over things such as your birthing environment. Did you know that even if you're birthing in the hospital, you can still bring fairy lights, music and candles! Cute right? If you're birthing at home, we can chat about what the environment might look like.  We will also start to chat about your Postpartum vision. How you want to be supported, what it may look like for you and what core values are important to you as you transition from Maiden to Mother. We can do some role playing so your partner and I are clear on what will help and comfort you during the waves of labour. We will chat about techniques you may want to use during labour in order to help with pain management.  


- Visit #4 

Our last visit before baby arrives earth side. It is important we have "your head in the game" so we will be going over any last minute fears, concerns or questions. By now I have a  VERY clear understanding of your birthing philosophy. We will put the final touches into place such as getting your Birthing Bag ready for hospital or your Birthing Environment ready with all the coziness available to us. Your Postpartum expectations will be clear and we'll chat about how we can honour you and if you would like to honour your placenta. Honour this next stage of life, your transition from Maiden to Mother and honour the changes and growth you've experienced. 



I am on call two weeks either side of your estimated due date.  

So to summarise our visits: 

☀ Discovering and understanding your birth Philosophy and your desires around birth. Working through any fears, concerns, questions and unpacking the unknown. Helping your partner unpack any of these fears also.

☀ Birth Planning (Location,Support,Care Providers)

☀ How to be your own biggest advocate (Ill be your second)

☀ Unlimited support via phone/email/social media for the entire journey


Added extras 

☀ Sol Birth Rising Affirmation Cards

☀Recommendations - Books/Podcasts/Childbirth 

Education Classes/ Pregnancy Care such as Massages/Acupuncture and so on. 

 Ways you can honour your placenta


☀ 3 visits Postpartum before we close our time together. These visits will include;

- Emotional support

- Birth Debrief

- Gentle breastfeeding support/guidance 

- Post Partum Nourishing Meals, Snacks, Herbal Teas, Soups, All wholesome and warm in order for you to heal. 

 - Light household duties such as tidying up, washing dishes, changing sheets, making beds etc.

-  Magnesium and Herbal bath soak, with organic dried chamomile, sage, yarrow and calendula. 

- x1 in house post birth massage. 

- x 2 Yoni Steaming over the last few weeks of our journey together

- New Mama Sol Birth Rising Affirmation Cards

I will never show up empty handed, each visit will include a basket of goodies

All packages come with an "open heart, a non-judgemental ear, an advocate for you, a friend and a supporter". This is just a guide and I am more than happy to tailor any packages personally for you. 

Please email me for further details.

Postpartum Package

"My Postpartum Package Only"

Let's not save it for a Stormy day. This is a package I am very passionate about and put a lot of love into. If you're only needing a Doula once you've given birth to help ease into the transition, this is for you. If Postpartum has brought in some clouds and it's a little harder than you thought, then this is for you. Or if you just want to be mothered like you deserve, then this is for you. Mothering the Mother. This is where I would come bring the sunshine and warmth.

This is my Postpartum package. 


☀ 4 visits Postpartum whenever you feel you may need them, before we close our time together. These visits will include;

- Emotional support

- Birth Debrief

- Gentle breastfeeding support/guidance 


☀ I will never show up empty handed, you will always receive a basket of goodies on arrival. It will include things such as; 

- Nourishing and warm hearty meals (check my Sol Mama Menu) out

- Herbal teas

- Mama Milk Lattes or Sol Mama Goodness Smoothies

- Nourishing and healthy nibbles to snack on 

- A fresh range of blossoms 

- Positive New Mama Affirmation Cards

- Natural Organic Creams/Oils/Ointments for a healing new Mother



☀ Unlimited support via phone/email/social media over 8 weeks. 

☀ Unpacking and debriefing your birth experience over a warm cup of cacao 

☀ Light household duties such as tidying up, washing dishes, changing sheets, making beds etc

☀ A break so you can sleep whilst I take baby for a walk or have a play

☀ Magnesium and Herbal bath soak, with organic dried chamomile, sage, yarrow and calendula. 

☀ x 1 in house Post Birth massages. 

☀ x 2 Yoni Steaming sessions with natural healing herbs

☀ Herbal foot baths

☀ New Mama Sol Birth Rising Affirmation Cards

☀ A "closing of the bones" ceremony in celebration of this next season into Motherhood as we end our time together


All packages come with an "open heart, a non-judgemental ear, an advocate for you, a friend and a supporter". This is just a guide and I am more than happy to tailor any packages personally for you. 

Please email me for further details.

Mini PP Package

A Mini Post Partum 


 I am offering a limited time offer package deal for anyone needing a little extra support, a little day of pamper or just a hug, a shoulder, a cozy meal and a much needed nap.


This package can be purchased by anyone. A Mother in need, a friend who isn’t sure what to buy a new Mum or how to gift her or even as a Mother’s Day gift ✨✨

How are you supported? 


☀ In house personal support 

 x1 3 Hour Postpartum visit

 Unlimited support via text/phone/email valid for 48 hours post visit

☀ x2 home cooked meals (all meals organic or locally sourced)

☀ x 1 delicious dessert 

☀ A herbal foot bath or Yoni steam (your choice) 

I will never show up empty handed, you will receive a basket of goodies on arrival - Valid at $50 

I will of course never arrive empty handed. I will bring meals, dessert, your favourite choice of coffee/juice, a mini Mama basket and I will be whatever you need me to be in this moment. This may mean I am folding laundry whilst you and babe have a sleep, this may mean I am a shoulder to cry on whilst we go over all things Motherhood and birth, this may mean you sit and relax with a foot spa whilst I prepare dinner. Whatever you need in this three hours, I will be for you. Personalising it for your needs on the day. 


For a limited time only, this package is $250. Please know it is for Mothers only on the Mornington Peninsula (Or Frankston area) 


My dearest Mamas, have you ever experienced a Yoni Steam or know what it is? It's a beautiful way a woman can connect with her body, heal and replenish. 


Yoni (Vaginal) steaming is an ancient remedy, a self help practise that is well known by our fore-mothers, used in the past to help with general well-being, enhance menstrual well-being, nourish and nurture the womb and replenish the woman over-all. A powerful tool. 

A common practise used by Mothers from Africa, South East Asia, Central America and spreading even as far as Guatemala, helping to cleanse a woman's uterus. It is believed to help ease stress, release toxic emotions, cleanse negative past experiences such as unsatisfying sexual experiences, trauma from birth, surgery or just a way beautiful and healing way to reconnect a female back to her body and back to her womb/uterus. Post birth, it can also be helpful for supporting the healing of previous vaginal tears or episiotomy.


This gentle, nurturing and calm remedy is also known to decrease the pain, bloating and exhaustion that is associated with menstruation. 

It is a beautiful self-care ritual that any woman/mother can do and I supply it with all my packages. Wether it sounds like your kind of thing, or not. That is absolutely ok but do please know, if you're feeling drawn to a steaming herb session, I've got you Mama. 




I have a Yoni Steam box available which is basically a comfy square wooden chair with a perfectly sized hole on top. 

A bowl of steaming herbs is placed beneath the chair. I use herbs such as: 

Calendula - Anti - inflammatory, antiseptic and an anti- viral plant. 

Lavender- Smells amazing but more importantly helps pain relief, soothing, highly antiseptic and has anti-spasmodic action. 

Yarrow (Achellia millefolium) - A healing flowering plant. 

Oregano (Oreganum vulgare)- contains potent antiseptic properties and is particularly helpful for cleansing the womb

Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis) - Strong and natural antiseptic, rich in healing anti-oxidants.

Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca)- with diaphoretic, antispasmodic, tonic, nervine and emmenagogue properties. Beneficial for the reproductive tract and wonderful for soothing and calming the nerves. 


From the comfort of your home, you take your clothes off from the waist down, sit on the chair over the bowl of herbs that I will leave for you and hold a warm blanket around you. It is important to stay warm. If you essentially "create a "tent" over the chair and the herbs below. It's like a sauna for your yoni!

Stay comfy and rested for a good 20 minutes. We will experiment to find out a system that works just for you in order for everything to stay cozy, comfy and warm. 

This is a lovely ritual for the evening time but if our catch up's dont allow that, I am more than happy to leave my Yoni Steam with you, so you can do it in the private, get all warm and cozy then head off to bed for a well rested nights sleep. 

A Yoni Steam is a gentle way to apply warmth and healing plant oils to the tissues vagina, cervix, ovaries and of course, Womb. 




















Wether you're in the season of pregnancy or the season of becoming a reborn Mother. It is a transition that should be honoured and never ignored.  Every catch up, I will make sure I leave you something that fills your heart, as well as your stomach. Something warm, nourishing, hearty and yummy!  Here are some delicious recipes I offer......


- Sol Mama Pumpkin & Ginger Soup 

- Hearty Lentil Potato Curry 

- 10 Veggie Chicken Soup 

- Pumpkin Coconut Lentil Curry

- Sol Chorizo Paella 

- One Pot Creamy Pesto Pasta

- Lentil Dhal 

- Green Coconut Soup

- Svenska Meatballs 


- Mama Sunshine Milk ( A spicy, warm coconut latte) 

- Little Sunshine Love Melts 

- Sexy Sol Choccy Dates 

- Nutty Choc Slice

- Sol Mama Choc Chip Cookies

- Sol Mama Apple Slice 

- Sol Mama Norwegian Waffles 

- Choc Berry Cake Assorted with Blooms

- Coconut Caramel Slice 

- Hearty Banana Pancakes 

- Golden Sol Mama Milk

- Sweet Choccy Raspberry Kisses 





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